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Who we are

KJConsults is a business development and consulting firm specializing in streamline media & marketing services. 

  KJConsults offers high quality advisory and marketing support services to both public, private sector entities, including Non-Profits, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), around the United States.  

Let's Streamline

Capture & document the content in every moment & event. 

  • Script
  • Photos
  • Video

Research your potential and existing customer.

Transform message into:

  • Logo’s
  • Flyers
  • Books
  • Photo’s
  • Video’s


Create templates from the content that is captured. Transform the messaging into templates for the following.




Social Media


CMS System

CRM System

Email System

SMS  System

Social Media System

Video System






Advertise the content that has been is captured, transformed into the brand, media & marketing displays, that is plugged into a system and executed by an implementation team.

Implementation Team


Customer Service



Create a  solutions based FAQ on questions that are asked.

Our Vision

Our Company’s Mission is to help organizations to streamline their media, and marketing services.

Our Vision

Our Goal is to help entrepreneurs improve processes, bring awareness to products and service, increase efficiency and most importantly, improve profitability.

What we do

We help entrepreneurs & organizations transform their message into media that converts.

Our services range in traditional and digital marketing, public relations, technology solutions,  branding, web design, web development and much more.

Valued Relationships

We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients and become their trusted marketing partner.  We assist companies across a broad range of industries in entering or expanding their products & services through marketing and technology.