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Lisa's pink petals of hope

Lisa’s Pink Petals of Hope, Inc. is a local organization with a global presence committed to helping women recover from breast cancer surgery and treatment with DIGNITY.

1 by1 foundation

1by1 Foundation establishing, building and supporting communities for young adults experiencing  autism in their lives and are transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

the spa by folashadè

A luxury spa experience like no other, the Spa by Folashadé is your destination for total euphoria. Prepare to have your mind, body and soul excel to new heights with a range of soothing treatments at this intimate hideaway of Tampa Bay.

DC Childcare

Welcome to DC’S Child Care Center we welcome you to stop by anytime for a tour of our center! We pride ourselves on being family owned and operated, with long term teaching staff, quality programs, and local roots. 

tanili inc

Tanili Inc is an organization that mentors young ladies from the age of 5 to 17 by teaching them life skills and connecting them to nursing home residents.

HDM Communities


At HDM Communities we provide top level Handyman and community services in residential and commercial properties. Better living while making a difference in the community.

Ronica Broxton

It is my firm belief that healthy hair is the first step toward satisfying clients. My name is Ronica, and all hair types are welcome to sit in my salon chair, where I bring 10 plus years of beauty and wellness experience to every session with a client. 

promise construction & repair solutions

Promise Construction and Repair Solutions LLC (PCARS) is a Construction and Repair Company , that also, provide expert Lawn Care, Landscape/Irrigation repairs/Fertilization, and Janitorial cleaning services, for both Vacancy/Occupied Commercial/Residential Properties.

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